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 We’re a pretty normal family really, just like something from an advert, Mum, Dad, son and daughter. Maybe the thing which makes my family special is that my Dad’s black. He comes from Zimbabwe. He came to Czechoslovakia as a student when he was twenty and met my Mum, know what I mean? They really get on, although they argue a lot too. But they always make it up, so it’s cool.

I’ve got an older sister, Nela. She’s eighteen and the guys go for her like flies for … honey. She’s all right, we get on pretty well, I mean, she can really piss me off, but I reckon that’s just a knack that sisters have. Me and my sis take after my dad as far as how we look goes, i.e. we don’t look very “Czech”. But both of us were born here, and for me this is home. I think the same goes for Nela.

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