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 Daniels cool, though he pisses me off sometimes, the way hes always showing off his muscles.

Me and Tim are on the same wavelength, I reckon he could be the right guy to come on the trip to Africa Im dreaming of. Its just a shame that hes so often away at the weekend and during the week plays volleyball whatever, so we end up not seeing each other that often.

Jamis one clever dude, he loves taking the piss. And I cant believe how quickly he learned Czech, its wicked.

Weve got a lot in common with Joo and hes got loads of other interests, its totally incredible how he manages everything yeah, Id like him along on my trip to Africa too.

Last year Magda and me played guitar around the campfire and it was, like, seriously wicked. I had no idea she could play so well, and then she played me a song shed written herself, and I was blown away! I quite fancy her, though shes a bit sporty.

Olga doesnt say much, but when she does, oh man, shes like really spot on.

I invited Suong on a trip with the Scouts so that she could tell the children about Vietnam and Buddhism, and also so that she could try sleeping outside in a tent. But her parents didnt let her, I dont think she has it that easy at home.

Andreas mad, says exactly what she thinks, and when she starts dancing she never stops which is all right by me, because shes so good at it.

Pavlas kind of tough, I know her through Tim. Shes different, shes not thick, but she doesnt half come out with some weird shit.

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