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 You name it, Iím into it, just about, but I spend most of my time on orienteering and the Scouts. Orienteering is wicked, you sweat like a pig, but you have to really have your wits about you not to get totally lost. And in the Scouts, Iím the leader. Itís great, Iíve got a group of kids around ten years old. We meet up once a week, and at least once a month we do something over the weekend. Itís pretty hard work, thinking up a programme, arranging for transport, finding and preparing the necessary gear, but itís worth it if the kids have a good time. Thereís two of us leading the group, me and my friend Martin.

I started going to the Scouts when I was young. Nela did too, but she dropped out when she was twelve. I really like it, you see loads of new things and you visit interesting places. And in the Scouts Iím just plain Aleö, nobody gives a monkeyís that Iím black. Nobodyís giving me funny looks or wondering how theyíre supposed to behave to me. Apart from orienteering and the Scouts I play guitar. Music is, like, well good, know what I mean? When I play, Iím in a different world.

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