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 My parents are ok. They always say that if we want to achieve anything we have to try harder than the others, but that its worth it. We live on a housing estate amongst white families, and in the time weve been here theyve all got used to us. Dad is a carpenter in a small company and almost everyone around here has got something in their flat made by him. Mum works for the local authorities. Ive got one older brother, Martin, and a sister, Monika. When Monika was born, our parents decided that wed move. We were living in an old building where there was often no running water, and we had problems with the neighbours. But here its cool.
Hi, Im Monika, Andreas sister. I really like my sister, Id like to be like her one day. She knows what she wants, and shes good at everything. Shes a great dancer and shes got loads of friends. I dont know what I want to do. I like science, but I dont know if its the right direction for me. My parents want me to study at business academy, but Im not too keen on the idea because none of my friends go there.
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