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My friends are mostly from the white community at school. I know a few people on the estate as well. I’ve never had many Roma friends, and most of our relatives live elsewhere. Outside our group I have made Roma friends in the course I’m doing in Romany. Magda’s my best friend. Sometimes people think she too clever for her own good, but I think she’s ace. I mean, if someone’s clever, are they supposed to act like a clown or what?

And then there’s Jožko. Jožo, Jožo, Jožo…God he’s seriously fit ….. happy1 but, I don’t know, I don’t reckon I’ve got much of a chance …. Even though recently he was quite interested in where I was going that afternoon and in what time I’d be free … so maybe…… happy1 but I don’t like it when he goes to the football with Jam and Dan, and I turn up and they’re suddenly full of macho bullshit …… especially Dan, he thinks the world of himself just because he’s got muscles everywhere!

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