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 Iíve got two younger sisters that my Mum looks after at home, and Dadís mother also lives with us. At one time my aunt and uncle also lived here, when they were evicted, but I was still little. They still visit us a lot though, so it still sometimes seems to me as though they live here! happy1

My sisters are ok, though it gets on my nerves when I have to take them with me when I go out with the lads. One time the younger one disappeared, and I was totally freaking, I would have copped it at home for not looking after her.

Dad works in a warehouse close by. Mum used to be a shop assistant in a local shop, but then it was closed down and she couldnít find anything else, so she stays at home with the girls.

I like my granny very much. I donít like her stories from the war so much, though... Do you want to read them?

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