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 I believe that faith is a private matter.

For instance, in our family, weíve always got together for religious festivals. And not just the big state festivals Ė for instance, when someone gives birth or someone dies, the whole family meets either in order to celebrate or to sit with the dead person and help those who have survived them. This watching over the dead we call a vigil.

Mum always said that we had to pay attention to the mule, which are kind of like the souls of the dead. At Christmas we always leave something sweet by the window so that they donít get angry, and also have something to celebrate Ö when I was small my grandma always told me stories of these evil spirits, how they terrified a person, haunting them for so long they completely destroyed him. Sometimes I terrify my sisters but I donít say it in front of Grandma Ö

Otherwise religious festivals have always been big celebrations, we always make it a big occasion. Even when we didnít have much money, we never skimped on the food for a festival.

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