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 At school I sometimes have problems with composition, I make some real howlers, so my marks arenít great in Czech. My Grandma, who lives with us, speaks Romany almost all the time, so I tend to too when Iím chatting with her. With friends we mix and match, but weíre so used to certain words I wouldnít say them in anything but Romany.

Sometimes it gets on my nerves that nobody at school appreciates the fact that I speak another language. When someoneís dad is English and they speak English as kids, then itís like, wicked, cool, and if they donít speak Czech so well, then everyone forgives them. Isnít it cute how they donít speak Czech! But Roma people! Everyone automatically assumes that you have to know Czech perfectly, and if I write something wrongly they look at me like Iím some kind of dunce!

But some words just donít exist in Czech, or itís incredibly complicated to express something. For instance čoro in Roma means poor and also Ö that a person is a bit of a loner. You canít say that in Czech!

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