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 It really pisses me off the way that you have to show everyone youíre better than them. In our community we say Roma nane jekh - Roma are not all the same.

When I was looking for work experience, three times I was turned down, even though the day before they had accepted two other lads from my class. I felt absolutely shit, they didnít even ask me any questions, just said straight out that they had no opportunities for me. I started to hang out with white people, so that at least someone would take me on, but even so I got worse work than them and there was always someone checking to see if I was pulling my weight.

Everyone just lumps us together! They say that Roma donít want to work and that they live on social benefits. But thereís plenty of Roma who would like to work, just that whites wonít give them any! And when youíve tried five times and each time they reject you, then you just lose the motivation to carry on.

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