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 My familyís from Kirkuk in Iraq, and we came to the Czech Republic because we didnít feel good in our own country and because my parents didnít agree with a lot of things which were happening there.
The trip here was horrible. We had to flee, and so we didnít have much stuff, only a bit of money and a few items of clothing. It was horrible, my mum was constantly crying and dad was really ill. We paid people who promised to take us to Germany, but they turfed us out in the Czech Republic near the German border, which was the end of the road for us because we didnít have any money.

Weíve been living here for 4 years now. My mum studied at university in Baghdad, sheís a paediatrician, but now she doesnít work. She doesnít speak Czech very well, and if she wants work as a doctor sheíd have to get nostrification. Yeah, itís an awful word, but mum explained it to me. Basically it means that she would have to study for another two years here before she could workÖ

My sister is 4 years older than me and my parents are really concerned about her, so whenever I go somewhere she tags along.

My name is a bit of a tongue twister for people in your country. Itís pronounced ďJar-malĒ, which means beautiful.

My dad has successfully acquired asylum here, which means that we should have the same rights as you, but my parents canít vote, for instance. We would like to apply for Czech citizenship, because if things donít change for the better in Iraq we wonít be returning.

Iím Jamalís father and Iím 56 years old. I really apologise for my Czech, but I havenít really learnt a lot, even though Jami tries to teach us. I was really ill when were arrived here, and the camp was not a happy place: We were homesick and everything was strange.
In the end I met some people from Iraq and they helped a lot with everything. We also found accommodation and I became healthy again. My wife is a doctor and so she knew what my problem was.
And then I opened a shop, and things started to get better, and I still have the place. I like it in the Czech Republic. Itís good here, but I would like to return to Iraq. Thereís no place like home.
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