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 I don’t have any brothers or sisters – well not yet. Mum, Dad and me were all born in Slovakia. I spent most of my life there. We lived in Poprad, a little town in the foothills of the High Tatras. I really miss the mountains, because there’s nothing so high around here. I used to go walking every weekend and sometimes after school. The air is so pure and clean, the landscape is beautiful and calm.

Dad works for a company which makes floor coverings. About six years ago he received a good offer for work in the Czech Republic and so, as the saying goes: a good offer may only come once in a lifetime, so the main thing is not to refuse it. After a year me and mum followed him here. These days he’s a business manager. Mum was a housewife for a while and then found similar work to that she’d done in Slovakia – she works as a healthcare sister.

Hullo, I’m Jožo’s grandmother. I was born in Markušovce , a small village near Spišská Nová Ves. I still live here.
I am really pleased that my son’s family is doing so well in the Czech Republic. I don´t want to say that life was horrendous in Poprad, but I think that they’ll be happier in the CR – definitely happier than here in Markušovce. It’s really difficult to find work and there’s a lot of gypsies here.
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