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 HmmÖ Itís really complicated in our family. Mum is a Catholic and goes to church every Sunday. Dad says he doesnít believe in anything, that heís an atheist. Luckily they tolerate each other.

Me, Iím just mixed up. Iím baptised, like Mum, but I donít consider myself a Catholic. I think Iím somewhere in between Mum and Dad, neither an atheist nor a Catholic. Once in a while I go to church, but I regard it more as a place for contemplation. Luckily Mum doesnít drag me to church, maybe thanks to Dad. She says it is a personal matter for everyone. At the same time Iím not really drawn to Dadís atheism, because in my experience people who have some kind of belief are better people Ö

Iím interested in other religions and philosophies. For six months I went to tai chi lessons and it loosened me up incredibly. Then I tried yoga and went to a few lectures on Buddhism. I had a great chat with Suong, whoís got her Buddhism first hand. Recently I read an interesting book on the basics of Taoism. It appealed to me. If I put all of this together, then ok, maybe Iím a believer, but I perceive faith somewhat differently than my Mum, for instance. I donít think that I should have to go to church every week (I go when I want to). I believe in something, but I donít know what yet, Iím still looking.

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