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 I donít have a problem with languages, I like them. I know English and Spanish and Iím learning German. I donít think of Czech as a foreign language, itís so close to Slovak. And in Slovakia I used to watch Czech television a lot or read Czech magazines, and so studying in Czech was not so difficult for me, I got into it really quickly. Nowadays nobody recognises that Iím not Czech. It seems to me that it doesnít matter what I speak, because Slovak is also easy to understand.

But at home we speak Slovak and almost nobody realises it at school. Czech is simply my second language. At the same time I have no problem speaking Czech with one person and answering another in Slovak, although the same is not the case with writing, where I make a lot of mistakes. Maybe thatís why Iím getting such a lot of zeros in dictation. Sometimes Iím not really sure when to speak Czech and when Slovak. My parents donít want me to forget Slovak, whereas in school itís better to speak Czech Ė but then my Slovak mates get at me for playing at being a Czech, and girls like Slovak so Iíve more of a chance if I speak it... happy2

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