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 I love it when Olga speaks Ukrainian.

If you want to know something about Buddhism or South and Southeast Asia, ask Suong. She makes out nothingís going on, but sheís after Tim.

Magdaís really clever, sometimes too clever for her own good, but so far sheís always been able to help me. She even gives me her homework to copy.

Now thereís one cool dude. Jamiís like a brother to me and weíre kind of inseparable.

Have you noticed what perfect hair Andreaís got? And how she moves when sheís involved in that modern dance of hers? The atmosphere she creates Ö itís wicked. Itís great just shooting the breeze with her, on any topic you like. I canít wait to take her on a proper hike into the mountains for a few days.

I donít know Tim that well. Heís quieter, but heís a great organ player.

Ali is a top geezer. Sometimes I go away with his Scout pack and help them with some programme or other. Heís also a member of our band and sometimes we go orienteering together.

Pavla doesnít have it easy at home and her brother is a right weirdo.

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