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 My parents are Czech, I donít know what else to say. Mum is called Helena and Dad TomŠö. Mum is a research worker in a laboratory. She studied chemistry and canít understand that I prefer literature and languages, and that Iím lucky to get a three in Chemistry. My dad is a civil servant at a ministry, but I donít know exactly what he does. Both of them are pretty active Ė the entire family used to go on bike rides, but recently I tend to go alone, mum and dad donít have much time.

I donít know how I became a Christian. To be honest, it was a bit of a coincidence. I went to a concert in a tearoom based in a pastoral centre, and my eye caught this leaflet. I went to an hour of catechism and it simply grabbed me.

Of everyone, my Grandma is most pleased that Iím religious. Iím not sure I understand that, because I have the feeling that since Grandma had to go to Germany when she was young (that was during the war, when she went ďto the ReichĒ as she puts it) she seems to have lost some of her love of God. But when I listened to what she had to say on how things had been when she was young, I suddenly thought ďyeah, I get it!Ē I even get why she so stubbornly insists that I am never to go on any holiday job to Germany.

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