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 Sometimes I play the guitar, though Iím no great shakes at it. I also enjoy writing poetry and short stories. I used to go on trips with my parents, getting to know our own country as my dad would say. But that was when Grandma and Granddad still lived at the cottage, and we didnít have to look after almost anything. These days me and my parents travel to the cottage without them (Grandma and Granddad prefer the comfort of their apartment) and Iíll tell you something, one day that lawn mower will be the death of me.

I love reading, and I read just about everything Ė I love stories and long novels. But I like poetry too. And I play the guitar a bit. And though Iíve no great talent for sport, I like cycling, and I sometimes go skating in the winter. I donít like group sports. And thatís about it.

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