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 My family is from the Ukraine, the Carpathia region , and my father came to the Czech Republic in 1994, mainly for work. He went to university in the Ukraine and is an economics graduate. Here he works as a labourer on building sites, because he canít find anything better. Mum and I came here in 1998 to join him and now we have what's called indefinite leave to remain.
Now we are waiting to see if they give us the right to stay permanently. Then my Mum will be able to work in a hospital as a nurse.

I already knew something of life in the Czech Republic, because several of my friends travelled here to work, like my husband. At the beginning it was difficult, we were really homesick, and on our arrival were immediately faced other problems. For a long time I couldnít find work, so I worked as a cleaner and helped out in a bar.
Itís a shame my husband still hasnít found proper work, but otherwise weíre happy here.
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