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 At weekends I go to the cinema and I study. Sometimes Iíll go into town with the girls from my class, just to do some window shopping. My parents have promised that if I do ok in my exams, I can go on a trip with the girls to one of their cottages. Just us girls, which for me will be the first time Iíve been anywhere on my own Ė apart from school trips and skiing trips, but there were teachers with us there, so that doesnít count.

Various community events are organised for us Vietnamese. We might go to a concert, or celebrate various anniversaries, or put on an exhibition of photos from Vietnam, as well as various sports matches and so on. My parents are even thinking about sending me to a holiday camp for Vietnamese children in the summer.

I spend my free time doing a course in Vietnamese, but I often have to help my family. My father is a businessman, heís opened his own Asian restaurant, and I must admit I really like it. Iím interested in fashion, I guess like every girl is. Iíd like to learn how to read Tarot cards.

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