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 It saddens me that everyone thinks that the Vietnamese arenít capable of anything other than standing by a stall and selling goods. It also amazes me how Czechs use the informal form when talking to Vietnamese shopkeepers without thinking about it. The truth is that a lot of Vietnamese work on markets, but I also know Vietnamese people who work as interpreters, chefs, and as business people who employ Czechs.

I would like to know if the behaviour of the Foreignerís Police department, which my parents are forever complaining about, will ever change. The Foreignerís Police Force is a kind of immigration authority which gives or refuses permission for permanent or short-term residence. The whole procedure is incredibly complicated and dad often complains about the way that the people who work there behave. Every year he has to stand in a long queue and pay CZK 1,000 for a stamp, and corroborate all sorts of details which I canít even remember.

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