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 At home weíre one happy family. Thereís always visitors, friends, dinner parties, culture. Thatís probably the main thing. Mum works as a landscape gardener and has her own little company. Dad is a university lecturer in philosophy. Heís also Dutch, which is kind of important - we tend to move between Prague and Utrecht. Iíve got friends everywhere. Iíve got a bike in Utrecht and I really miss it when I canít travel everywhere here by bike.

Iíve got an older brother. We see eye to eye on some things, but heís quite a bit older than me, so sometimes it's difficult. The most difficult thing is weíre both kind of unassertive types. Except that heís gay and Iím not (at least I donít think so). Though sometimes people get the impression I am.

Two years ago we finally moved from a small apartment to a house. Weíre up to our eyes in debt and my parents have a mortgage to pay off. So things arenít so cool on the money front, which is why Iím especially pissed off when people around think that I must be loaded just cos my old manís from the West. Pretty stupid really, given that he teaches at a Czech university!

So, this is how my father remembers coming to Czechoslovakia.

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