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 Dadís a protestant and mumís a catholic. It doesnít bother them in the slightest, sometimes they go to protestant church, sometimes to catholic, depending on whoís the better preacher. To be honest, I couldnít give a monkeyís and I canít figure out why some people make such a big deal of it.

Sometimes I go to church with my parents, but mainly when Iím playing the organ. Sometimes I go to catholic church and sometimes to the evangelicals, depending on where I have to play. But sometimes I get really confused. The differences are so small, itís worse than if they were big, especially as far as playing goes. Sometimes Iím worried that Iíll turn up in the wrong place and start playing where I shouldnít.

It also gets on my nerves how people are so intolerant. Once I tried playing the Ordinarium by Briz to the evangelicals, because itís more melodious, and they laid into me as though I was trying to convert them to Catholicism. And yet itís completely unimportant!

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