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 Maybe the biggest difference is in what we eat. At lunch we have something small, some bread and greens for instance, and then we cook in the evening. And so when I eat the school lunch Iím not hungry in the evening, and if I donít eat lunch at school, everyone thinks Iím giving myself airs and graces. And so Iím always either famished or stuffed.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Iím a vegetarian, but thatís not too much of a problem, you can get decent vegetarian food in Prague. But when I travel somewhere with my pals or with the school the cooks say, ďBut thatís also vegetarian food, thereís no meat in that, itís just pork brothĒ. How am I meant to tell them that it makes me want to heave?

But at home we eat normally, we cook just about everything. A Dutch speciality? Well, in winter, for instance, that would be stamppot Ė mashed potato with cabbage or with a special salad called boerenkool, which we bring over from Holland, with bratwurst, which obviously I donít eat. In Dutch we say that food is lekker, which meansÖ really good, but you canít say it in Czech, because itís more than just good, itís, well, itís lekker, know what I mean?

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