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 Aleö is numero uno. Heís really good with the kids at Scouts. And heís a really good friend. I hope he takes me with him when he goes to Africa.

I play volleyball with Pavla. Sheís a real laugh. She canít help herself, she has to say whatís on her mind to everyone. It doesnít matter what itís about, she always finds something to say. But itís great that she says what she thinks.

Otherwise itís nothing to write home about. Sometimes people laugh at me because Iím so unassertive, and also because my brotherís gay. Boys tend to think that I am too, and so itís easier for me to make friends with girls. I donít get this in Holland, itís weird. But thereís more unassertive types over there, and nobody looks down their nose at gays. Sometimes I miss my Dutch friends. Itís a shame that Prague isnít closer to Utrecht.

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