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 I like volleyball the best, itís a really cool game. Sometimes we visit my grandma at the weekends, who lives in the mountains. We have a great time, though I have to work like a slave. And sometimes the tourists there get on my nerves, because they couldnít care less what country theyíre in. They arrive, have a whale of a time, and leave Ė and that includes the Dutch. Iím like, uh?

I started playing the organ by accident. When I was young my Dad encouraged me, because he plays really well. I didnít really care either way. It was only when I got better that it started to grow on me. When you feel under your fingers how the whole church is vibrating, itís, like, far out.

I also have a Saturday job at Carrefour stocking shelves. Iím saving to go away. Maybe with Aleö to Africa. fly

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