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Daniel Ali
See who else is hereGirls go for black guys…

Dan: Hey, last week I saw your sister with that guy again.

Ali: Yeah, well, there’s always swarms of guys hovering around her …but she’s been with this one for a while …

Dan: Well there’s always loads of chicks hanging around you as well! :-)

Ali: Not that many!….:-) Though my sister always says the fact that our dad is black makes us interesting for people!

Dan: But that’s great, though! Nobody’s ever going to tell me that I’m interesting because I’m a gypsy … quite the opposite! happy1 Still, a few times girls have liked me because I’ve got dark skin …, at one disco these girls thought I was Italian!

Ali: There you go, that’s what I find wierd! One minute they’re calling you a black bastard, the next minute they think it’s sexy!

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