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See who else is hereIt can sometimes be difficult with parents ...

Our group is on a trip to the countryside. It's the evening and they have decided to get a campfire going, cook sausages, and have a good old chinwag.

Pavla: I haven't sat around a campfire like this since dad left us.

Andrea: Hey, wait a mo, you don't have a father, right?

Pavla: No, I don't, but I don't want to talk about it.

Andrea: I can't imagine it, my parents sometimes row, but they'd never separate.

Pavla: Sometimes it's better when they get a divorce. I'm satisfied with just my brother, we get on really well.

Jami: My sister doesn't have it easy because our parents are strict, especially dad, so they don't want her to go anywhere and I have to look after her.

Joěo: Iíd rather look after someone than be on my own the whole time.

Magda: Yeah, youíre right, being an only child is not all itís made out to be. Your parents are always worrying about you, always asking where youíre going, what time youíll be back, and so on. It really gets on my nerves.

Daniel: Yeah, but when youíve got brothers and sisters, theyíre always around you, wherever I go Iíve got to take them too. On the other hand Iím glad that we have a full household. I canít imagine being on my own.

Suong: In our family everything my parents say goes.

Joěo: Thatís the case everywhere surely? happy1

Jami: I dunno, I think some parents can be a bit more tolerant. In our family itís a bloody nightmare, though. If we want to go out, we get a sermon from dad about what we can and canít do, what time we have to be back, and if we cock up at all, then, thatís the end of it. My parents donít believe us and then they wonít let us out anywhere the next time.

Suong: My parents are similar. After school I have to help my father in the restaurant, and free time just doesnít exist. But sometimes I quite like it. The truth is it isnít so awful.

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