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Jožo: Hey, what are you lot up to the last weekend in June?

All: Why?

Jožo: There’s a great festival in England. Eminem’s going to be there and there’s a travel agency offering a trip that gets you an air ticket and a concert ticket. Nothing will be going on at school then, so we could go, couldn’t we?

Jami: It’d be difficult for me.

Jožo: Why?

Jami: I need a visa to go to England.

Jožo: How come?

Jami: England isn’t in the Schengen Area, and has its own rules. We just have to have a visa for there.

Jožo: Don’t you have a stamp? You’ve got asylum here haven’t you? And England’s in the EU.

Jami: Yeah, but for them I’m still above all an Iraqi and I have to have a visa...

Jožo: That’s nuts….

Suong: I don’t think I’ll be able to go either.

Jožo: You too? How come?

Suong: My parents won’t let me go.

Jožo: We’ll talk them round!

Suong: It’s not that. It’s that we’re going to apply for permanent residence and my parents want to send me to Vietnam for the holidays.

Jožo: So?

Suong: Well, to get permanent residence I can’t have been outside the Czech Republic for more the ten months in the past five years.

Jožo: But we’re only talking three days!

Suong: But my parents are seriously worried. They’ve already failed once because of some nonsense or other, then because of some other nonsense they had to leave the country, so all those years didn’t count and they had to start the wait all over again…They won’t want to take any chances now, do you understand?

Jožo: No... What about you, Olga?

Olga: My parents won’t give me the money. Dad’s holding it together money-wise with not much more than sheer willpower. Anyway, I still need a visa too.

Suong: Yeah, and so do I!

Jožo: Well that’s hard luck. And what about you Czechs?

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