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Pavla: Hey Tim, youíre going to that match on Sunday at the church, right? Iíd like to go as well; we could go together?

Tim: Which church do you mean?

Pavla: You know, the white one. You said you play there?

Tim: Well yes I do, but this Sunday Iíll be playing at the Protestant church on the other side of town. My Dadíll be taking me straight to the bus.

Pavla: Why do you do that? You play for both of them? Do you do it for the money or what?

Tim: Hmm. If I were in the Netherlands Iíd be doing it for the money - they pay for it there! Here I do it out of a Christian love for music. (He laughs.)

Pavla: I think I might you to explain that.

Tim: Well, itís mostly that I just love playing the organ. At home, my Mumís a Catholic and my Dadís a Protestant, and so I play in both churches. And itís all right. At least itís a change. If only the two camps werenít so hostile towards each other. Thatís the only thing that bugs me about it.

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