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Ali: God Iím p***ed off.

Tim: Why, whatís up?

Ali: Take a look around you. Have you any idea what country weíre in?

Tim: How do you mean?

Ali: I mean, you look around and itís seriously difficult to find anything Czech. If you want some typical Czech food you have to look hard for a restaurant serving classic Czech cuisine. Everywhere itís fast food, pizzas, and Chinese restaurants.

Tim: What are you on about? I mean, you love Chinese food!

Ali: Thatís not what I mean. It annoys me like crazy that Czech culture is simply disappearing. Soon we wonít be celebrating Easter but Halloween. And everyoneís going crazy about Valentineís Day, which has nothing to do with us.

Tim: You donít think youíre exaggerating a bit?

Ali: No, I donít.

Tim: So what is Czech culture in your opinion?

Ali: Well, food, customs, that kind of thing.

Tim: And you reckon that thatís something which was, is, and always will be the same?

Ali: Thatís just my point. It wonít be any more, cos itíll get changed...

Tim: But thatís just rubbish, culture is something which is always changing. Itís not something which has been here forever and will remain here forever. Weíd simply become fossils in that case.

Ali: Alright smartarse, what do you reckon is Czech culture?

Tim: I donít know, I reckon that culture is always developing, it doesnít remain the same, it reacts to new things. In Holland, for instance, thereís loads of immigrants from Muslim countries. And I reckon that Islam is slowly becoming part of Dutch culture. Culture is made by the people who live it.

Ali: Well, I reckon thatís rubbish. Are you telling me that Dutch culture is Muslim?

Tim: No. But take the Christian tradition. Do you honestly think thatís always been here?

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