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See who else is hereI still canít imagine it Ö.

Andrea: Hey Suong, what are those pictures youíve got there? They look the same, but theyíre not...

Suong: Theyíre both pictures of the village where my grandma and several of my relatives live. But one was taken before the landslide, and the other was taken after it.

Magda: Before what landslide?

Suong: One day, this hill which you can see on the right collapsed, buried several buildings, and that was that. Thatís why weíre here today.

Andrea: Really? So you fled all the way here from the landslide, is that it? happy1

Suong: I guess so. Dad bought this land after returning from the Czech Republic, the idea being that the whole family would work on it. We were always poor. But after the landslide we lost the land, and dad and my uncle lost their home. Whatís more, dad got into debt. He tried his luck in Hanoi, but we still couldnít support ourselves there and pay off the debt at the same time. And when my grandma got ill, we came here.

Magda: Wow... Hey Olga, has anything like that every happened to you?

Olga: Well, the entire Ukrainian economy went to pot ... happy1

Everyone laughs.

Olga: Okay, imagine this: my parents werenít paid for ten months, because the state simply didnít have the money for wages.

Andrea: God, thatís awful. How did you get by?

Olga: You know what, I donít even know. My parents somehow found a way of making ends meet, but eventually they gave up, which is why weíre here now. But thatís nothing compared to why Jamiís family had to escape.

Andrea: Do you know, he's never told me. Why did they escape?

Magda: You donít know? Just look at the telly. Whatís going on there is horrible. Two wars in the last ten years, for a start.

Suong: Apparently during one attack, soldiers killed six of Jamiís relatives.

Andrea: That's terrible, one day Iíll have to try to ask him about that.

Suong: Itís better not to, he hates talking about it, he probably went through a lot himself.

Nobody speaks for a moment.

Magda: I still canít imagine it...

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