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Magda Jami Ali
See who else is hereDo you live with a black?

The gang has been on a skiing course in the mountains. It´s evening and they´re watching TV in their log cabin. Jami is leaving the room.

Magda: Hey, do you live with a black or what?

Jami: What’s that supposed to mean, do I live with a black?!

Magda: Well, you didn’t close the door ………..there’s a draught!

Jami: You what? What the fuck does that have to do with living with a black? Do you have a black servant at your house that closes your doors or something?

Magda (laughing along with the others): No, it’s just a saying!

Ali: You honestly didn’t know that one?

Jami: It’s the first time I’ve heard it! ….It doesn’t strike you as strange? I think I’d be well pissed off if I were you.

Ali: …..hmmm…I’ve heard loads of that kind of sayings, and not only about black people.

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