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Everyone is sitting in the clubroom of the skiing course in the front of the TV, which is broadcasting a story about the increase in pickpocketing.

Pavla: It’s true, you know. Mum tells me that at the shop she works at, everyone’s pinching things. Apparently it’s the gypsies.

Andrea: Oh sure, that’s really objective. As soon as anyone steals anything it’s got to be a Roma.

Olga: …or a Ukrainian…

Tim: Is that what you guys honestly think?

Andrea: What, you mean you don’t? Don’t you watch the telly or read the papers? Have you ever heard anything good about the Roma?

Olga: You only every hear about how Ukrainians are stealing jobs from the Czechs or that they’re all in the mafia …. You’d never think that some of them living here are university educated ….

Pavla: Right, so you’re telling me these reports are lying, or what?

Jožo: So you’re telling me they’re not? Just tell me the last time you saw a good report about these ….. foreigners ?!

Daniel: …What about Vlastík from Superstar…?? happy1

Andrea: That’s different …. that’s show-business … they talk about you then because it sells!

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