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Some of the group are walking in park, and Ali stops in front of a poster advertising a lecture on ďThe Secret Teachings of Ancient India Ė Healing through Magic StonesĒ.

Ali: Hey, if itís such a secret, then whyíre they advertising it on these posters?

Tim: I guess thatís part of how to keep in a secret Ė you can always break into an email, but you certainly canít break into a poster.

Magda: I think it might actually be an interesting lecture.

Tim: And how do you heal someone with stones? Do the patients stare at them, or bite them, or what?

Andrea: No, I think they probably touch them, and the stones have to be hot so that they give off energy. But you have to believe in it for it to work.

Ali: If you ask me, itís all superstition. Itís better to have a normal doctor. I donít understand why people put their trust in stuff like this.

Andrea: Yeah? And are we supposed to put our trust in normal doctors?

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