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The gang is sitting in the park, getting hungry!

Daniel: God, I’m hungry … I wouldn’t mind a bite to eat.

Suong: Anyone fancy a MacDonald’s?

Jožo: You mad or what?! I’m not going there.

Andrea: Why not?

Tim: You don’t use a sledge hammer to break an egg. Yuck, there’s no saying what they stick in that stuff. It’s just plain unhealthy, and the worst thing is everything’s fried.

Magda: And I wouldn’t put it past them to put some kind of addictive substance to it.

Jožo: Yeah? What makes you think that?

Magda: Because I always have a craving for one, that’s way. Plus my parents never let me have one.

Pavla: You’re not the only one, I like them too. They’re definitely better than the UBG they dish out in the school canteen.

Jami: UBG? What’s that then?

Pavla: You don’t know? It stands for Universal Brown Gravy, they pour it over your plate, and every day they call it something different.

Jožo: It’s doesn’t matter whether MacDonald’s is healthy or not, the fact is that it’s everywhere. And that cow you eat, for example, they import it from Argentina.

Suong: And so what?

Jožo: Doesn’t it seem a bit strange to you, that they bring a cow from South America when we’ve got enough of them here?

Tim: And how do you know that they bring the cows from Argentina?

Jožo: It’s well known …

Tim: That’s a bit of a flimsy argument.

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