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Jozo Daniel Olga Pavla Suong
See who else is hereJoěo has sometimes troubles

Everyone is either sitting on the park bench or standing around.

Joěo: Oh s***, my parentsíll kill me, Iíve got another fail in dictation.

Daniel: Thatís normal, isnít it? In our house that happens every day..

Joěo: Fair enough, but the teacher doesnít seem to understand that at home I speak Slovak, and Czech is my second language.

Olga: Itís like that with us too Ö

Daniel: We speak a different language at home too, and nobody appreciates it.

Olga: Itís a shame that they donít teach Russian here any more.

Pavla: I donít know what youíre whining about. We live in the Czech Republic and Czech is the language. Just be grateful that you can learn here for free.

Olga: Iím happy to speak Czech. You can still hear Iíve got an accent, like.

Pavla: Your accentís not that bad, although my brother would kill you because of it Ö

Suong: I donít have much of an accent, although thatís mainly down to my foster grandmother.

Joěo: You what?? Whatís a foster grandmother when sheís at home?

Suong: Sheís someone my parents paid to be my grandmother.

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