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Magda Tim Jozo
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Magda: Alright guys? Anyone fancy a game of ludo?

Tim: Oh great, now you’re talking. Are you taking the p***? I mean come one, ludo’s boring!

Jožo: What are you on about Tim, it’ll be fun!

Tim: I just can’t see what you find so amusing about it. You chuck the dice and wait to see what comes up. It’s just silly.

Jožo: That’s just the point. You don’t know what’ll turn up, so you don’t do your head in over it.

Tim: Yeah, well that’s exactly why I find it so pathetic.

Magda: So what would you like to play? Come on, suggest something.

Tim: I don’t know, what about “Diplomacy”? At least you have to think about it and you can influence the game.…

Magda: Yeah, Diplomacy’s good too …

Jožo: Hmm… just be careful that all that thinking doesn’t wreck your head, Mr Diplomat!

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