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Ali: I was here last night and some guys started speaking to me in English...

Dan: Why English?

Ali: Well, look at me. I get it a lot - people see a black guy and just immediately assume that Iím a foreigner. So they start speaking English to me without even thinking about it.

Dan: Does it bother you?

Ali: Well, it annoys me a bit. It seems kinda unfair. I was born here, I live here, Czech is my only mother tongue, and I really donít know how much more Czech I can be. But still, Iím not a Czech because I donít look like one.

Dan: Well what are you then?

Ali: I wasnít being serious - I am Czech, but it bugs me that other people donít see me as Czech.

Dan: Well, at least they speak to you in English - thatís almost a compliment! With me, they just shout ďHey, Gypsy!Ē But itís the same thing - I was born here, Iíve spoken Czech as well as Romany since I was little, but it doesnít matter. On the street, Iím just a Gypsy.

Jami: It sounds tougher for you two. When all thatís going on, you still think of yourselves as Czech, right? For me itís clear: Iím Iranian and I live in the Czech Republic. When I tell people Iím an asylum seeker, at least sometimes they feel sorry for me.

Ali: You think thatís better? That sucks too. Why have people always got to make some sort of fuss about us? They havenít a clue how much it messes with a personís head.

Magda and Tim arrive

Magda: Hi guys! Why so serious? Arenít you going swimming?

Ali: We're just shooting the breeze about how nice people are to us, even though we're not white enough to be here.

Magda: What? Now I donít know if I should be offended or ask whatís going on.

Ali: Try the second, even though you might not have the right colour of skin to give advice.

Tim: What are you going on about? Whatís the problem?

Ali: We were all complaining about how people on the street hassle us in different ways, talk English with us, ask us where weíre from and stuff. And just because weíre brown or black, depending on how the lightís shining and what mood people are in.

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