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See who else is hereThe teacher told me I was stupid

Situation: Andrea is sitting on the pitch, tears in her eyes

Jozo: What happened? Anything wrong?

Andrea: My teacher at school said I was stupid. She said it's pointless to apply to grammar school 'cos Ive got no no chance of getting in.

Jozo: Did she really say you were stupid? No way, you're kidding me!

Andrea: Well, she said that everybody's allowed to submit only two applications and, actually, she said, Id just be wasting one if I applied to grammar school, 'cos it would be like I didn't apply at all.

Jozo: But why couldn't you just try? I mean, that's stupid, isn't it?

Andrea: Yes, it is. My folks don't understand it either, they want me to study something useful. My mum wants me to go to medical school.

Jozo: So why do you want to study at grammar school?

Andrea: Well.... (Andrea draws a breath)

Dan joins them

Dan: Did you say you wanna go to a grammar school? Are you crazy or what? Theyll grind you down like hell there. Why not go to a school for waitresses or something like that, youd at least earn some money that way. After all, you can get a high school diploma there too.

Andrea: Yeah, but if I did, I wouldn't be able to do Romani Studies.

Jozo: You want to do Romani Studies?

Andrea: Yeah, at least I'd finally study somewhere where there are Roma students and where I would have a chance to improve my Romani language skills. I feel like its a part of me but, I hardly know anything about it. Anyway, youre just like my parents. Mum wants me to go to a technical school because there are no entrance exams. To study at grammar school, Id have to do entrance exams, and I'm afraid they wouldn't admit me because Im Roma. At least that's what the teacher told me.

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