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Jozo Daniel Ali
See who else is hereWhere shall we go swimming?

The group is outside, the weather is hot, and they are talking about where to go swimming.

Joěo: God, itís hot. Anyone fancy a swim?

Daniel: Yeah, Iíd be into that. The poolís open until six, and itís a scorcher of a day.

Ali: Nah, letís go the lake.

Daniel: Youíve got to be kidding, Iím not going there! The waterís disgusting, you donít know whatís floating around in it.

Ali: You what? The water in the lake is fine, youíre just too sensitive.

Daniel: What, you donít mind swimming in duck poo? In the swimming pool youíve got clean, fresh water!

Joěo: I wouldnít be so sure of that. Admittedly I havenít seen this with my own eyes, but my grandmother says that young gypsy kids do their dirty laundry in her local swimming pool.

Daniel: Oh come on! Nothing against your grandma, but Iíve never seen anything like that. Better use a swimming pool that some muddy puddle, right? Theyíre always saying how dirty we gypsies are, but have you ever seen Andrea looking grubby in those white jeans sheís always wearing? I mean, if you really want to know what I think is filthy, itís that you lot eat food thatís a day old.

Let's go
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