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Magda Suong
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Magda: Guess what happened to me yesterday? Iím organising an exchange with a German school for summer. And I was really looking forward to it. Iíd found accommodation, and I was bombarding them with enthusiastic emails. But there were no replies, until yesterday.

Suong: So there you go, they finally got in touch.

Magda: Sure, they got in touch. They wanted to know when I would deliver the Czech design of the leaflet, that apparently advertising is fundamental and my responsibility. Wouldnít you be pissed off? You work as hard as you can, and they donít even thank you for what youíve done, just give you shit for not having come up with the leaflet.

Suong: Well, was that part of your job?

Magda: I guess so, but I had so much to do. I did loads of extra stuff on top. The whole exchange canít hinge on a leaflet can it?

Song: Maybe they think youíre not that bothered if you didnít do a leaflet. Ö.

Magda: But they could at least thank me, donít you think?

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