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Pavla: Oh man, you know what happened to me today?

Tim: What happened? I though you were looking a bit weird.

Pavla: I should bloody well think so, Iíve just found out something really gross. Not only did my old man leave us, but he was a bloody Russian!

Tim: Pull the other one! What do you mean, Russian?

Pavla: Iím telling you, a Russian guy! I only just found it out today.

Tim: Hang on. How does that kind of thing just suddenly pop up, out of the blue?

Pavla: I had to sort out some papers for my ID pass, including my birth certificate. It was only the first time Iíd properly read it, and dad was written there as a Russian, or Ruthenian, or something like that.

Tim: Oh, well thatíll be Ruthenian then, they lived here. Thatís not the same as Russian, is it?

Pavla: Come off it, thereís no difference. He wasnít a proper Czech.

Tim: So whatís a proper Czech in your opinion?

Pavla: Well, somebody who at least has Czech nationality.

Tim: Hmm, Iím not so sure about that. I mean, what is nationality? Iíve never had to fill that out anywhere, and to be honest, I donít even know what Iíd write.

Pavla: You donít know what youíd write??

Tim: Well, Iíd have to have two, maybe, but thatís stupid. I just donít understand why itís important.

Pavla: Because we live in the Czech Republic, innit? So itís good that people live here who are Czech citizens, no?

Tim: Well, I donít know what nationality I have - but díyou mean I should have to leave if Iím not only Czech?

Pavla: No, not you. But the fact my old man was a sodding foreigner gets on my tits.

Tim: I wouldnít give a shit if I were you. Whatís crap is that your dad treated you badly, not that he was Ruthenian. If heíd been Czech, he wouldnít necessarily have acted any better, know what I mean?

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