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Daniel Suong  
See who else is hereThey just stuck me in the kitchen....

Daniel is angrily kicking a ball against the wall. At that moment Suong arrives.

Suong: Hi, what you doing?

Daniel: What does it look like?

Suong: You look really happy - NOT!

Daniel: Yeah, well thatís because I am.

Suong: And whatís happened to make you so mad?

Daniel: Weíve got work experience at school Ö and, well Ö

Suong: Yeah, youíre doing hotel and catering arenít you?

Daniel: Exactly. I was looking forward to waiting on people, but they didnít even talk to me, just stuck me in the kitchen.

Suong: Is that really so bad?

Daniel: It wouldnít be that bad, except that Iím the only one in the class who hasnít done a stint as waiter yetÖ

Suong: But youíre next in line. You just take turns Ö

Daniel: I reckon itís more that the manager doesnít want me there.

Suong: Do you reckon? What makes you think that?

Daniel: I donít know Ö it was the same thing last year. I wanted to do some voluntary work, and over the telephone they told me that they were definitely interested in me, that they didnít have enough people working for them, that they wanted to see me, blah, blah. But then as soon as I appeared, they told me there were no places. So I tried it somewhere else, and this time a friend applied along with me, and even though Iíve been training to be a waiter a year longer than him, they picked him.

Suong: So whatís the fly in the ointment then?

Daniel: The fly is that Iím black. And the expression isnít fly in the ointment, itís nigger in the woodpile. Unfortunately for meÖ.

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