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Jozo Jami Olga
See who else is hereWill you marry me? Not a hope!

Jožo: So Jami, what do you reckon to European girls?

Jami: Well, blondes I could go for, we don’t have any where I’m from.

Jožo: What about Czech or Slovak birds?

Jami: Uhhhh ….

Jožo: Don’t give us that. What about Magda, for instance. She doesn’t look at all bad in those glasses of hers...

Jami: Pretty good, I agree. But it’s not that easy for me ...

Jožo: Yeah it is, you just invite her out somewhere!

Jami: Well, I could do that. But at the end of the day I have to get married to a Muslim woman...

Jožo: You what? Pull the other one … I mean, you’re kidding, right?

Jami: Why d’you think so? It’s normal.

Jožo: My parents pretend they’re oh-so tolerant. But then, one time I said I quite liked Andrea, and the next thing they’re telling me how she’s a Roma so she’ll soon be fat and ugly, and that even though she’s nice she’s got a family, and they’ll have theft and laziness in their genes.

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