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Jozo Olga Jami
See who else is hereBlondes are dumb, four-eyed swots

Jožo: Hey Jami, have you heard the one about blondes? Why does a blonde crawl along the ground in a supermarket? She’s looking for lower prices. .. Olga arrives…

Olga: Hi guys, what you talking about?

Jožo: You, I guess.

Olga: Oh yeah, how come?

Jožo: Well, tell me what you think: are blondes stupider than brunettes? We reckon they are. If I compare the blondes I know to the brunettes, then the dark-haired birds come out the winners by a mile.

Olga: Give me a break, please! How can the colour of your hair affect your intelligence? I can’t understand how people can tell these jokes and hold these opinions! And I would have expected something a bit more intelligent from you!

Jami: Yeah, but on the other hand look around you! When you’re in a shop, how many of these made-up girls with huge bags in the hand are blondes? What’s more, apart from you, I don’t know any of them you can, like, talk to. That’s a bit spooky isn’t it?

Olga: It just boils down to what people are wearing at any given time. When black’s in, out go the dark-haired girls! This really is the biggest load of cr**!

Jami: Not all blondes! Just the ones with the dyed hair and all the makeup are dumb!

Olga: I’m sorry, but that’s insulting. Do I count as one of them too!?

Jami: Of course not, you’re an exception!

Jožo: And the exception proves the rule!:-)

Olga: Oh sure, that’s great, so now you’re going to think that anyone with glasses is a swot, and any guy that takes care of the way he looks is gay, and so on. And when someone doesn’t actually live up to all that, then it’s just an exception. That’s a bit primitive isn’t it? And the worst thing is that the people who it doesn’t apply to come off worst! It’s really unfair! So I’ll just dye my hair, take off my glasses and get on with it, okay?

Jozo: Hey, chill out, I was only kidding …

Olga: I know, but it really winds me up ….I’m supposed to walk around looking like a total mess, just so that nobody thinks I’m stupid, right!!??

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