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Jami Magda
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Magda is angrily waiting in front of the cinema. Jami arrives.

Jami: Hi Magda, itís great youíve got tickets, how much do I owe you?

Magda: Half an hour of my time and a hundred crowns. Are you taking the piss or what? I wait here like lemon until you deign to show up, youíre half an hour late, the film has already started, and you donít even apologise!!!

Jami: Itís only the adverts, weíll make the film no problem.

Magda: Itís not about whether we make the film or not, itís about me standing here for half an hour waiting for you. Your parents didnít teach you how to tell the time at home or what?

Jami: No, the fact is we live in trees and we donít use clocks. Come on, chill out Magda, I just met a friend Ö.

Magda: And so what? You knew I was waiting here for you! Your friend is more important than me? You havenít seen him for a hundred years or something?

Jami: Nah, we play football together.

Magda: And he wasnít there yesterday I suppose?

Jami: Whatís that got to do with anything?

Magda: A lot. You didnít speak to each other yesterday?

Jami: Of course we spoke, but that was yesterday, but when I see him we always talk.

Magda: But I was waiting!!!

Jami: I didnít really give it a thought, it didnít occur to me Ö.

Magda: And you reckon itís normal to hang around with someone else for half an hour while youíve got someone else patiently waiting for you?? Well I donít! Oh, letís at least get inside the cinema.

Magda stalks off and Jami follows sheepishly in her trail.

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