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Olga Jami Pavla
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Olga: You know what I was just thinking about? Does your mum wear a veil at home???

Jami: No, not at home. Muslims don’t wear the veil at home …. And my mum doesn’t wear the “hijab,” the headscarf, at all.

Olga: How come? Everyone always says that all Muslim women have to wear headscarves.

Jami: Lots of things are said about Islam … about various groups and countries … it really does my head in when everyone says that Islam is violent, and that Muslim men always behave badly toward their wives!

Olga: Yeah, but come on, they don’t exactly have an equal relationship do they?

Jami: And what’s that meant to mean, “equal relationship”?

Olga: Well … it means where they each have an equal right to decide what they want in their life … that each of them can do what they want.

Jami: But that kind of woman has no support or security. If a man decides to divorce his wife, she’s completely on her own, she has to bring up the kids without anyone to help - that’s your idea of freedom?

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