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Tim Pavla Magda
See who else is hereMulti who?

Tim: It’s strange how everyone’s white in the Czech Republic. In Holland I’d sometimes be the only white person on a train.

Pavla: Look around you, you don’t think the gypsies are black enough?

Magda: Hang on, he means something different. Here we really are all Czechs. How many foreigners do you meet on the street?

Pavla: Oh come on, there’s Ukrainians, Slovaks, Vietnamese...

Daniel: Hi guys, what are you talking about?

Tim: We were just wondering if there are enough people of different colour here or not?

Magda: You know what they call that? I read about it recently. Multiculturalism!

Daniel: Multi who?

Pavla: Spare us the intellectual stuff. I don’t give a wotsit what they call it, the fact is that there’s nobody but foreigners here now, and soon we’ll be completely outnumbered.

Tim: God, you’re paranoid!

Magda: Hang on, hang on, let’s follow the argument through to the end, alright Pavla? So imagine, first you hand over your passport, then they cancel Saturday’s volleyball match with Germany, say goodbye to English right away, forget MTV, and bid farewell to Jožo, Jami, Olga and Suong.

Pavla: You what? Why would we cancel the match in Germany? The fact that I want to go to a volleyball match doesn’t mean that we’ve got to be overrun by foreigners does it?

Magda: Uh, yes and no. If you want the Czech Republic for the Czechs, then you have to take it seriously. If I were you, I wouldn’t set foot outside the country. I mean, if you do, you might fall in love while abroad, or you get work over there, and then what are you going to do? Do you think you’ll ever live abroad with those opinions?

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