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See who else is hereYou Don’t Have to Move?

Magda: Hey Dan, are you going to have to move away?

Dan: No. Why, what makes you think I would?

Magda: Just imagine, yesterday Dad came home from the pub saying – and I quote – “those Gypsies are finally getting out of Podkůvka.” I was shocked, and I immediately thought about you.

Suong: Wow, your Dad said that? That’s a harsh way to talk about it.

Dan: Oh, you mean that. Hmm. Luckily that doesn’t affect me, but my cousin has to move.

Olga: And why shouldn’t he move? At least there’ll finally be some peace there.

Dan: And why should he have to move, if he doesn’t want to move?

Olga: Well, if he has debts, then he has to move, right?

Magda: Wait – you mean to say that if someone is in debt, then they immediately have to move? Your family doesn’t have any debts? My parents have a mortgage, so we’re in debt up to our ears.

Olga: Yeah but you’re paying off that mortgage, right? And if you stopped paying, then you’d be evicted too.

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