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See who else is hereMy Mum would kill me!

Magda: Hey girls, I’ve got something to tell you………. Yesterday I finally told mum that I liked Jami … She went ballistic, said with that kind of name it must be a foreigner, started interrogating me! In the end she told me that if I brought him home, she and my dad would chop me into little pieces and feed me to the dogs!

Andrea: Weird …my parents aren’t too bad on that score, even though I know that they’d be happier if I found myself a nice white guy. They say I’d have fewer problems. …

Magda: My parents are total freaks about this. And they’re both educated people! I don’t know where they get it from!

Olga: ….and Jami is so coooool!!!!

Magda: ….isn’t he just??!!……. happy1

Andrea: …..maybe it’s just because they don’t know him and they’re afraid that he’s, like, weird, that he’ll treat you badly, that it’ll go wrong, something like that … People often think god-knows-what about foreigners or other nationalities, but then when they meet them and realise what the truth is, they calm down a bit ….

Magda: Hmm… I reckon that it’s mainly because of the way they were brought up. I don’t know many older people who are welcoming to foreigners…

Olga: My parents are pretty cool on the whole …. But that’s maybe because of everything they’ve been through. They’ve encountered loads of different types of people, and so any prejudices they had, they lost a long time ago.…

Pavla: I don’t reckon that it always just a case of them being old! I mean, my mum’s way cooler than my brother! He can’t so much as stand the sight of someone coloured…

Magda: Hmm, I’m lost. I mean, if I get it together with Jami, how do I get round it at home? Otherwise there’ll be such a scene that I’ll just curl up and die.

Olga: You just have to take him home and show them him! As soon as they see him, maybe they’ll see that he’s cool … as well as being really good looking… happy1

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