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Suong Ali
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Aleš (Ali) is standing in the aisle of a crowded bus. He's wearing earphones, and so is fairly unaware of what is going on around him. An old woman laden with bags is trying to get to the back of the bus where there are some free places...

Woman (loudly): Hey you, let me through! Go on, get out of the way! It's bloody joke, these blacks won't even make way for a person.

Suong can't stand this and jumps to her feet ......

Suong: Come and sit here.

Ali finally notices the woman and makes way for her. The woman sits down. Ali and Suong are now standing alongside one another....

Ali: Was there a problem or what?

Suong: The woman was complaining that you wouldn't make way for her cos you're black.

Ali: Hmm, typical. But I really didn't see her. Why did you give her your seat when she could have gone to the back? At least she would have grumbled at someone other than me.

Suong: I couldn't help myself, I can't stand it when someone's coming out with that kind of thing.

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